My days in Hawaii was over. Since August last year, I had been staying in Hawaii to study English.
A few days ago, I came back to Japan, where is my home country.

But… what is this feeling? I felt like I am a tourist.
Everything seems like faded out.
Where am I? Where is the glassy ocean, people running, doing Yoga?
I miss everything I have had in Hawaii.

I might had been dreaming for 8 months about everything I had been thinking that all things were true.
My home country turned into something different. 

Well, I have to move on, no matter what.
What is coming next? Get a job and make money for next jornery!

What I had been doing in Hawaii almost everyday was… taking a picture of my hand.
I wanted to know how much I would get suntan.
This is the result. 


The picture on the left is at the beginning of August, and on the right is on April 1st.