For the past few days, somehow, I have strongly started to think about my future.
Things have been on my mind;
What would I like to be, what would I like to do, what are my plans after going back to Japan and graduating next year.

Here in Hawaii, I have been getting broad knowledge in English.
I even studied math and political science; those are things I had not expected to study.
(I’m working on speaking English, though)

My original background, I majored in design, industrial design, at my college in Japan.
But to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if I really want to design “things”.

What I really need to get from Design are its ideas.
When you hear the word “Design”, it may call to you mind “product".

But the real meaning of designing is the process of what you are going to manage. (I strongly believe in it)
You make a goal and design a way to achieve it.
How you manage, how you are going to prepare for it, how to mobilize, everything...

The prominent factor would be people.
There are people, so you design something for them.
There are people you work with, so you can achieve your goal much more easily and you can twists your idea by adding their thoughts.
Design consists of people. (Oh it reminds me of my speech contest I did last year)

The real designer can be a bridge between people…
They make a bond and create new environments.
“Connection” is a key.

Designers don’t have to be a person who design a product,
yet they have to standout from others and be able to think things objectively.

By combining one’s experience from their past and one’s special character.
Having a different point of view makes it possible to design things which are unlike anything anyone has seen before.


This formula hooked me. ummm.
By using Design thought, you can do anything…. 

… I drifted apart,


An individuality could be destroyed in Japan…
みんながそうだから、そこにfit inしようって考え
そんなことを聞き、自分を見て見る。 あ、私、自分楽しんでるわ