PICT0013The more days pass, the more I come to love what I have now in Hawaii.

It would be a hard moment if I were to leave Hawaii now.

My friends have become my family and my neighbor has become a father figure.

They came into my life. In the future, I really want to repay them for what they have given me.                                                              

Through living as an international student, I found many things that I didn’t know before.

What I feel for strongly is that the language I use in the class room and the language people use outside are very different.

When I hung out with my local friends, they asked me about whether I can do somethings without thinking (or not). 

(Actually, I couldn’t catch every single word).

My two friends answered the question, and then my turn came.

I felt very nervous but I followed my intuition and spoke. 

The conversation suddenly stopped, then came the moment I dislike the most.

What I said was not understandable for them. I stumblingly spoke.

I feel that many people in English speaking countries think that English can be spoken by all people in the world.

I want to say loud: that is myth.

One day my marathon group member explained about agriculture in Hawaii.

My brain was stressed out. The words I heard first time came out from her mouth as quick as machine gun. What does “irrigation” mean? I couldn’t believe that she is the same species of human being as me.

Looking back on my English study experience, I’ve never spoken English in daily life although I have studied English for many years.

Japan tends to be looked down on mercilessly by other countries regarding our English skill, but Japan isn’t worth blaming.

My biggest question is why I can read English but I cannot speak it.

The vocabulary I hold in my head doesn’t come out quickly.

When I speak English, I take a moment to translate what I want to say in Japanese into English.

As I think, the conversation still keeps going. It is hard to catch up on what someone has said when I have already fallen behind.

My aim is to speak English without the translation process.

To acquire another language requires a long process.

You have to be ready to fail anytime. But you have to learn from it and make yourself better.

Failure is a part of growing up.

I’m thankful that I have many people who have cherished me.

They keep me pursuing my achievement and make me diligent.